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Depending on your needs the Mobitrac is here to service the waterways of North America using a wide array of quick‐connect attachment tools to cut and collect aquatic vegetation, excavatedig, or dredge. The Mobitrac can even be used for suction dredging environmental hazards like toxic algae and oil spills.

Below is an overview of some of the attachment tools for the MobiTrac.  To learn more about each attachment select them from the Dropdown on the menu above named “Attachment Tools” or select from the list below:

  • Double and single acting Busati cutter bars for shoreline, shallow water, and wetlands.  (Learn more)
  • Collecting rakes for cleaning and collecting weeds and debris (Learn more)
  • Suction Dredging pump for removing sediment (Learn More)
  • Excavation unit with stabilizing feet and buckets to dig out roots, soil, and debris (Learn More)


Cutting / Mowing Attachments      Rake / Collecting Attachments     Excavating Attachments    Suction Dredging Attachments

Attachment Tools Page ImageAttachment Tools:

Item# Description Dimension Weight
MB‐F 209 T‐cutter 7’ wide w/double‐acting blades 7’ W x 5’ D 143 lbs
MB‐F 409 T‐cutter 12’ wide w/single‐acting blades 12’ W x 5’ D 150 lbs
MB‐Z 170 Side‐cutter 4’ wide/with double‐acting blades 4’ W X 20’ 78 lbs
MB‐R 350 Collection rake Adj. 6’‐12’ 176 lbs.
MB 1700 Excavating unit w/stabilizing feet 20’ R x 8’ D 716 lbs.
MB‐B30 L 6.5 gallon bucket 60 lbs.
MB‐B50 L 13 gallon bucket 85 lbs.
MB‐M 60 Digging rake 3’ Wide
MB‐W 90 Root knife 2’ Depth
MB‐LL80‐4 Dredge pump w/165’ flex hose w/couplers
Featuring free flow capacity
80’ pumping
7’ depth, and 8’ reinforced hose.
Powered by 5 hp Briggs & Stratton motor
143 lbs.

Watch Video of Lake Weed Harvesters Cutting

Weeder’s Digest is a North American distributor for the Mobitrac and we look forward to providing you with the aquatic solution you need! Call toll‐free with inquiries or schedule your appointment.
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