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Mobitrac – USA ( A North American Distributor)

The Mobitrac is an amazing amphibious machine that can operate in any environment. Engineered to be extremely versatile on land, water, eco‐sensitive waterways and wetlands.  Comfort and safety of the operator is of as much importance as the function of the machine itself. There are hundreds of these machines currently being used in many industries & governments all over the world.

With an array of attachment tools for Aquatic Harvesting, Excavating, & Dredging the Mobitrac is equipped to do it all. Amazingly maneuverable on land and water and allows the operator to work in hard to access areas like retention ponds, wetlands, river embankments, and canals. It rotates on its on an axis which provides maneuverability in tight spaces and is extremely gentle on sensitive areas.

Mobitrac Amphibious weed cutter boat technical details

Harvester Attachment Tools for Managing Welands dredging harvesting

Watch Video of Lake Weed Harvesters Cutting

Aquatic Vegetation Harvesting

The Mobitrac is amphibious, therefore it has the capability of cutting aquatic vegetation on land, in transitional zones, or under water. The Mobitrac can access wetland areas that no other conventional weed cutter can access including steep embankments along rivers and retention ponds. READ MORE

Excavate on Land or in Water

The Excavating unit attaches to the lift arm and includes two stabilizing feet and 7 gallon bucket. The stabilizing feet turn the Mobitrac into a “floating excavator” so that you can clear inflows and outflows in retention ponds and lakes, drainage ditches, and other narrow waterways like channels, golf course ponds, and canals. The Mobitrac turns on its own axel so when using the excavator you have a digging radius of almost 20 feet and digging depth up to 8 feet! READ MORE

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In slower moving bodies of water such as channels, coves, marinas, ponds where sediment and muck begin to collect, aquatic dredging remains essential for water flow. The Mobitrac provides the most affordable solution for dredging water bodies that are simply inaccessible by more traditional, costly, and labor extensive backhoes and excavators. Because of this, pond and lake sediment removal-especially in eco-sensitive environments like golf course ponds or wetland conservation require the load sensitivity the Mobitrac provides. READ MORE

MobiTrac Carrier Tool Attachments

Depending on your needs the Mobitrac is here to service the waterways of North America using a wide array of quick‐connect attachment tools to cut and collect aquatic vegetation, excavate, dig, or dredge. The Mobitrac can even be used for suction dredging environmental hazards like toxic algae and oil spills. READ MORE

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  Mobitrac Vs Truxor: You may already know about Truxor as it has been sold in the United States for a while now. Wondering the differences between the Truxor and Mobitrac? Why does the Mobitrac cost significantly less? Learn More HERE or contact us.