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The Eco-Cutter is unique because it cuts and collects submersed vegetation like Milfoil, Curly-leaf pond weed, or Hydrilla as well as emergent vegetation like invasive Cattails, Bull Rush, Lily pads, and Pencil reeds equally well.  No other traditional harvester can do both, which makes it ideal for most every watershed environment from small lakes, large ponds, coves, marinas and every waterbody in between! The ease of operation combined with the Eco-Cutter’s durability and affordability makes this harvester the perfect solution for lake association and sub-contractors alike.




   Eco-cutter on-trailer-with-pw-folded


  • Generous bunk capacity up to 6 cubic yards
  • Payload 2,500 lbs. of wet aquatic vegetation
  • Hydraulic discharge conveyor raises horizontal to 18 degrees


  • Flat bottom split barge hull
  • Carbon steel hull construction
  • Galvanized steel mesh conveyor belting

Cutting / Harvesting

  • 5’ wide x 4.5’ cutting depth, including 5.5’ side mounted vertical cutters
  • Horizontal and vertical oscillating sickle bars ensure “clean” cut
  • Frontal swing arm impact protection with spring tensioner


  • Efficiently harvest up to 2 acres per hour
  • Top end speed 5-7 mph
  • One person operation


  • Harvest in and around small coves
  • Great for shallow water operation
  • 12” draft empty
  • 20” draft with max load

Features and Benefits

  • Affordability: Most cost-effective harvester on the market in its class
  • Durability: Carbon steel hull….this is a work boat
  • Easy to operate:  One-person operation from start to finish
  • Versatile: Only harvester that cuts both submersed and emergent vegetation equally well
  • 6 cubic yard storage bunk: Increased productivity…more harvesting/less time unloading
  • Stock Product: Available for immediate shipment
  • Standard componentry: Universal repair and replacement parts

Lake Weeder’s Digest is excited to introduce the newest member to our harvesting fleet called the Eco-Cutter!

The Eco-Cutter has already been in the marketplace for four years now and Lake Weeder’s Digest has secured exclusive distribution for this proven design that has been in existence for 35 years!

The Eco-Cutter is manufactured in Wisconsin and augments our existing harvester product line so that we can provide our customer’s with a “conventional aquatic weed harvester” that cuts bottom growing aquatic plants, gathers what it cuts, stores the vegetation on-board, transports to discharge site, and off-loads from the Eco-Cutters’ stern.

The Eco-Cutter is constructed from carbon steel making it a rugged and durable work boat that can cut and collect submersed vegetation and invasives like Eurasion Milfoil and Curly Leaf Pond Weed as well as above water plants such as Cattails, Bullrush, Lily pads, and pencil reeds.  Most harvesters can only cut and collect submersed vegetation which truly sets the Eco-Cutter apart from all other conventional harvesters.

The Eco-Cutter is able to do this because it features both horizontal and vertical oscillating sickle bar cutter heads.  The horizontal cutter head can cut 5 feet wide by up to 4 ½ feet deep and the side-mounted vertical cutters include twin oscillating sickle bars that are 5 ½ feet long.  Both cutter heads include frontal swing arm impact protection with spring tensioner which makes them virtually damage proof!

Powered by a 22 hp Honda air cooled engine, the Eco-Cutter can operate 10 hours on a full tank of gasoline.  Aquatic propulsion drives the boat through waterways and features twin side-mounted paddle wheels including patented fold-up and flip down assemblies that makes the Eco-Cutter street legal for transport.

The bunk conveyor has a storage capacity of 6 cubic yards or 1 ½ tons of wet aquatic vegetation, which is 40 % more bunk storage than any other comparable harvester on the market today!  The intake conveyor and bunk storage conveyor are both fabricated from durable galvanized steel mesh belting making them virtually bulletproof.

The proven hull design is flat-bottom, split barge which enables the Eco-Cutter to operate in as little as 12” of water and has a draft with maximum payload of 20”.  Low operating height in the water with side-mounted operating station allows for access to overhead obstructed work areas like under bridges, trestles, and through culverts.

The Eco-Cutter is truly a one-person operation and can be trailered and transported behind any 1 ton pick-up without any fuss.

The Eco-Cutter is ideal for large ponds, small lakes, and waterways that are shallow or require tight maneuverability.

These features make it the perfect choice for lake associations, lakeshore management companies, subcontractors, and municipalities looking for a durable and affordable work boat!

Weeder’s Digest is excited to demonstrate for you why the Eco-Cutter is highest quality conventional aquatic weed harvester at this price point in the marketplace today!